Monday, August 24, 2009

The Great Depression

Excuse the title; I like to use wordplay sometimes to describe things.

Unfortunately, all of the things I have had planned for the future are effectively on hold until further notice.

The CD I'd planned on making? Delayed.

The sports blogs I were going to start? Not happening.

Fact is, while I have had depressed periods in the past, they cannot compare to the last months. Due to personal issues I don't wish to talk about publicly, I have been getting ever so closer to my breaking point. That is something I don't want to happen. So I feel as if I need to just sit back and do things on a smaller level. This is why you've seen a lack of posts on this blog in 2009. I'm just very overwhelmed.

In short: This blog will not have a future post on it until I start to feel better. It's been fun doing this, even with my share of disagreements with certain people (and they know who they are). To everyone else, thanks for the support, and all I ask is to keep the support coming in. I now need it more than ever.

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Me Mc said...

Im sorry things have gotten hard for you. I hope to see you return soon. Best wishes- MeMc