Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm in love.

This is a long distance relationship, but still... I'm in love with another guy, and he loves me as well.

First met him on a message board related to an interest of mine. It started off as an ordinary friendship, but now we are committed to one another. Just recently I was wondering if anything like this would ever happen to me. But it is happening, and now I feel like a changed man. I've never been happier.

He's going to make me a Christmas gift that he says I'll love (I wonder what it could be) and he's saving up money to visit me sometime next year. Of course, I'd like to do that the other way around (he's in British Columbia near Vancouver), but with our economy how it is, I'll have to settle for him coming here.

I love him a whole lot and I can't wait for the future.


Casdok said...

How exciting for you both, and wonderful to hear you so happy!

Sisi said...

Congrats!I'm so happy for you~:)