Monday, October 6, 2008

I had a bipolar week.

I was going to end this blog, but screw it for now.

The beginning of last week sucked.

I was given a chance at a relationship by someone on a message board I go to and then rejected two days later, then I find out he found someone else on said message board. That left me rather pissed and depressed.

But now I have a crush on someone from the same place but he doesn't know yet. I'm going to talk to him a bit more and go from there, as I don't feel the time's right at this moment. On the downside, he's a long way away from me (Belgium, to be exact)... so even if he says yes, IM conversations will have to do for a while.

It's hard knowing that the person you love not only doesn't know, but is also so far away from you.

Wish me luck, because I don't take rejection well, after that recent experience.

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