Wednesday, August 20, 2008

DMB's LeRoi Moore is now in Heaven.


In late June, Roi was involved in an ATV accident during a break in DMB's summer tour. He had been recovering nicely until July, when he was readmitted to the hospital due to complications. Later, he was sent back home after everything got better.

He was due to begin physical rehab in Los Angeles when he died.

DMB will finish the tour, but nobody is certain what will happen to the new album. If I recall correctly, it wasn't finished yet. They were supposed to go back into the studio after the tour to finish recording.

Now I feel really bad, knowing I won't be able to attend their concert here on Saturday.

Even sadder: His 47th birthday would have been September 7th, just three days after my 22nd.

I am now playing all DMB music all day, and am going to do some of my DMB favorites in karaoke, in his honor.

I just can't believe it. A death has never hit me so hard... and I never even met the man.


AndreaS said...

Oh no! I'm also a big DMB fan and this news is heartbreaking. My prayers will be going out to his family and to the band.

Ian Andrew Schneider said...

Beautifully stated. I was 1/2 asleep and thought that I had heard that Stefan had died. Woke up and my wife (I'm more than 2x your age- 45) told me it was a nightmare.
We had just watched A & E doc on Lennon's death. The Beatles are to her what Dave's band is to us (though I love Genesis also).
I have to be candid - with the death of Stefan's son, the idea of Stefan's death was a devastation.
LeRoi knew he was risking it - I have a brother who is a motorcycle moron - and it is unlucky and horrific that he is dead. But he was not murdered as Dave's sister - as crass as it sounds, at least he died on his own dare.
So said - BTW, I have loved DMB since 1995, and it was 30 year olds as myself and 15 year olds! - I absolutely was affected by this death of a man, as you eloquently say, I never even met, has has me on the verge of tears all day. LeRoi, I agree is in jeaven, and I thank God he left us "Grey Street"/"Bartender"/"Too Much"/"Where Are You Going" - his licks in those songs will never never die. As yourself, I immediately listened to the 16 minute version of Bartender in [Bristow], and I am shocked at how horribly I feel for all his family, friends and most importantly a musical creativity that may have gone on like Duke Ellington for another 54 years.
I tend to write what I think and others think but will not come out and say: if had been Dave or Carter I may have spent the day in bed.

Thank you again for your candor and expressions.

Ian Andrew Schneider