Wednesday, July 23, 2008

WWE teams up with Generation Rescue

And being someone who's followed pro wrestling since around late 1996, through the Monday Night Wars and to the industry's current state, I'm understandably ticked.

Vincent K. McMahon has done some terrible things during his tenure as WWE CEO (his dad is rolling in his grave as I type), but this latest scheme is disgusting.

According to what I've read, Jenny McCarthy will be there "to raise awarneness for her (sic) charity (sic), Generation Rescue".

Waitaminute! Since when is GR a charity, and since when is Jenny the founder?

Jenny McCarthy is a lot like Las Vegas. Appealing on the outside (to some), but is, in reality, a skank who has done nothing except decieve people.

Now with the WWE on her side, I fear GR will become more than a fringe group in the near future. Especially with them calling GR "her" group. The press love her. She's a fast talker, which has caused the press to be brainwashed by her.


As far as I'm concerned, Vincent K. McMahon can take the little support I did have for the WWE and stick it.

I hope that this will end up being just a case of Wrestlecrap. But I have my doubts.


Anonymous said...

Cue Barbara Striesands 'Memories'

I was a wrestling fan when I was a kid, but that was in the 60's.

It is upsetting to hear that a group with soo much exposure and attraction (especially for young wrestlers with impressionable minds) is going to have the taint of the poisonus thinking/conspiracy faction associated with them.

But Good to hear from you again Beau!


autismfamily said...

Good post, I agree with you. I am not a follower of wrestling, but reside in Los Angeles where Jenny is.

I think I went once years ago to GR website to see what it was since people were talking about it. Funny how the worse Mom in Hollywood was at the GR fundraiser - Britney and since then pics depict her smoking with son nearby and grabbing a lighter and smoke. Here in CA a new law that says you cannot be smoking in the car with anyone under 18 inside and here she was closer than that with her kid.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your article today. As a wrestling fan and college student, I was extremely disappointed in the WWE's support of Generation Rescue. I sent the WWE an email as soon as I heard. There was no excuse for crackpots to be supported by media companies.