Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Andy Bellomo (1993-2008)

I'm really sad right now; trying to hold back tears as I type this.

I didn't know him as well as I should have, but I considered him a cool kid, though we disagreed on our favorite sports teams.

Andy died over the weekend after getting trapped in a house fire during a sleepover with two friends. They tried to save him, but there was just too much smoke and Andy couldn't see and after a while, collapsed in the hallway of the house. He was taken to the hospital, but it was too late.

He loved baseball. He was a pitcher for Goldwater High School (I graduated from there in 2004) and he dreamed of turning pro someday. If that didn't work out, his family said he also wanted to join the Marines.

Andy's tragic death did turn out a positive, however - his family donated his organs and now three lives have been saved.

Goodbye, but just for now. We'll see you in Heaven when it's our turn.


hollywoodjaded said...

Dear Beau:

I am sorry beyond what words could ever possibly express to hear about the passing of Andy. This is truly heartbreaking. My thoughts are with you and Andy's family and his friends.


romorokr92 said...

I knew andy for a while. We went to school together at DVMS and BGHS. He was my first friend in middle school and one really goofy kid. I loved him like a brother yet I never thought something like this would happen to him of all people. I remember sitting around with him after football practice and just talking about our love for life. The football team would call him Ocho Cinco because of his number, 85. We had biology together as well and it would've never been my favorite class if it wasn't for him. He was of coarse the loud one but he always kept everyone in a great mood. He had this spark for insanity that just made him an amazing person. He used to tell me about his dreams of becoming the next allstar baseball player. Andy loved his baseball (especially the yankees) almost as much as he loved drumming. Andy touched the lives of hundreds of people.
Im going to miss Andy and all the little things that made him frankley, "andy" :)
My heart goes out to the family of Andy Bellomo.

Me? I just happen to be another person Andy had touched.
with love,

Casdok said...

So so sad to hear this news, just heart breaking.
Prayers to Andy's family.