Wednesday, May 28, 2008

People kill me.

What is up with me getting into stupid arguments with people on the internet? Specifically on Wrong Planet? This time, people more or less telling me I'm an idiot because I went to traditional school over being homeschooled.

Listen, I have a reason for my opinions. I have a reason for favoring traditional schools, no matter how bad things may get for some students. I had a few bad years myself due to unqualified teachers. But you know what? Most of my school years were excellent. I struggled in high school, but I graduated on time due to the help of two specific teachers pushing me at the right times. Most other students would've taken the help for granted. I didn't. Without them, I WOULD NOT BE WHERE I AM TODAY!

So yeah, I have some bias. We all do.

But please, don't tell me I'm stupid because I had great years in traditional school. I'm glad I wasn't homeschooled. I also will not homeschool my future kid(s) either.

You can have your point of view on the subject all you want. But I want no part of it.


Ivar T said...

I've only experience with traditional school and know pretty much nothing of home-schooling - as it isn't very possible here in Norway.

I get the impression homeschooling could be a great alternative for many on the spectrum though, but I wont say all.

The Translator said...

Fair enough - I think we all come to our conclusions and I guess show our biases based on what we know. I doubt anyone thinks you're a bad person for preferring traditional schooling over home schooling - after all, isn't that the very vast majority of people go to anyway?

Mom26children said...

Hi Beau,
You can argue all you want, until you are blue in the face...
some people just talk with their eyes closed....
Keep your head up and do what you were put on this Earth to do.