Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My thoughts regarding a "cure"

Plain and simple, really.

I don't want or need one for myself. Unless they could develop a way to cure the comorbids without losing the positive aspects of autism, excellent. But they haven't, and they can't.

But I'm not anti-cure, despite what I think. If an autistic person would want to be cured when/if one is available, I have no objections. But it should only be up to the autist. Nobody else.


Autism Reality NB said...

Mr McLelland

What about autistic children? In law the parents, or other legal guardians as the case may be, speak for their children and have a duty to seek protect the best interests of their children, which may include treatment for disorders. Autism is a disorder. Should parents not make that decision for their children in your opinion?

Beau McClelland said...

Mr. Doherty,

First of all, thanks for replying.

Now to my point: I have nothing against parents wanting to make their kids' lives better, as long as they don't resort to drastic measures.

I'm absolutely ok with ST, OT, RDI, PECS, Floortime and things like that.

Of course, there are some who may never benefit from any of these. But that doesn't matter. I went to school with one. I asked him if he wanted to be cured. He signed back to me "F**k no". No joke.