Monday, January 28, 2008

Various things to reflect upon

From December to now, a lot of things have happened in my life.

12/30: I attempted (and almost succeeded) suicide. Don't know how or even why I'm still alive. I've been given too many chances as it is.

Early Jan.: I became a registered organ donor in the state of Arizona. If something were to happen to me (whether self-inflicted or by accident), I would want to help others even in death. Should one (or more) of my organs not be usable, they will be donated to medical research.

Mid-Jan. to now: I have started to become more open about myself to my Dad. He has never seen my meltdowns or my self-injury in person, so I felt it was time to end the silence.

He also now knows about my plans for the future. When college is finished somewhere down the line, and I have some money to my name, I plan to adopt a special needs child. Probably will be a boy, and one who has an ASD. Of course, it would be hard starting out (single, can't drive, and I would need a place to stay for the first few months), but I know I can do it. My Dad knows it too. He supports my decision 100 percent.

I love my Dad. I don't say that to him often enough.


Joeymom said...

Just a random comment: I had a brother I called Beau all my life. It's just nice to see someone using the name. Somehow it just rings good humor and strength to me. :)

Beau McClelland said...


I've been using it my entire life, and is a rather long and boring story. One that I would much rather forget.