Saturday, January 26, 2008

There is a musician I feel I need to share with people.

His name is Mike Doughty.

He used the pseudonym M. Doughty as a member of "deep slacker jazz" (term coined by Doughty himself) band Soul Coughing. But he has been went solo in 2000, and went on to form Mike Doughty's Band in 2004.

He has released two albums and two EP's, with a new album, entitled Golden Delicious, due in mid-February.

You can sample three of his older songs here, until his site gets redesigned.

He's kinda like Bob Dylan, in that he is an excellent writer, but my goodness, he can't sing to save his life. Despite this (or even in spite of this), I still like his stuff.

Majority of his songs are sad, and he's bipolar, so he balances out his concerts with hilarious banter. Several recordings of his shows can be found on, under the Live Music Archive.

Oh, and a word of warning to anyone downloading the live material: Most of his songs are clean (one use of the 'f-word' in the song "Tremendous Brunettes"), but his language otherwise, isn't clean. So if you are offended by such language, don't listen. Please.

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