Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I'm leaving the Autism Speaks forum.

I can't take the damn bickering any longer.

I'm not blaming a sole person or side. Both sides are to blame.

As Ed Kowalczyk once said in a song, "Calm the fuck down".

Until that happens, you won't see me there any longer except by private message.



Anonymous said...

What happened?
You were leaving, but, no.
It's like watching a wreck you know, you want to turn away, but you can't help yourself....just gotta look.

You're too young & too talented to waste your time there.
You should be finding a place in the real world, the more you get out there, the sooner you'll find your place.
You do have a place in the real world you know, but you're going to have to go claim it.
God bless you.

Samsdad said...

Anon gave you some good advice boyo, especially the last part. From what I've seen, you are capable of taking control, just do it in slow and steady grabs, not all at once.

Anonymous said...

I've never posted to the Autism Speaks group, and can't understand why you do.

beau, I am a mental health professional, and you can take this, or leave it--

Get out of there.

You have questioned your own mental stability, though attempting suicide with 6 vicoden is more a cry for attention, than an attempt on your life.
If you've never seen anyone die from Tylenol poisoning, you might want to look into this excruciatingly slow death.

Sure the hydrocodone made you sleepy, but it's the Tylenol that'll kill you.
Studies have shown 2000 mg to be toxic to the liver, when ingested in under 24 hours, 1000+ lifetime doses are toxic to the kidneys as well. Your call for attention could lead to a long suffering, very slow, though unintended, death.