Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm applying for Medicaid.

Since I don't work and my dad pays for everything when he can barely pay for himself, I'm applying for ACCHS, which is Arizona's Medicaid service. Hopefully I get approved, as I need more dental work done (two more molars need out as soon as possible) and hopefully I can get fillings put in as well.

Second thing I will do if approved?

Get a flu shot. I hate needles a lot, but I hate the flu even more. I should also check and see when my last tetanus shot was. Last vax I got was the third in the Hep. B series, so I could stay in high school or be expelled (somehow I never got the third one when I was younger).


concerned one said...

I guess you'll get the mercury laden fillings, to go with your mercury laden flu shot, you think you have neurological issues now, just wait, that mercury should really help!

Beau McClelland said...

Since I have no issues with excreting metals from my system, I see no cause for concern.

concerned one said...

You don't know if you have problems excreting or not, you have no clinical proof one way or the other, do you?

The prudent thing to do is to avoid having a neuro toxin placed in your body. There are better options, err on the side of safety, I always say.

Mercury may or may not cause autism, but mercury does cause neuro disorders, that's a fact, and you have enough problems as it is.

If you decide to defy logic, don't be surprised when your situation goes from bat to worse.

Oh, yea, if you don't get the flu shot 3 weeks before the flu season begins, you're wasting your time.