Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I can has accusation?

Let me quote a post on WrongPlanet:

I think Beau99 works for the government or the prescription drug companies....it seems to be a recurring theme with him.

Ha! As if!

I actually consider this an honor, though. I now officially join the ranks of Autism Diva and Amanda Baggs as having been accused of being a Big Pharma representative. Since both of them are good people, I can't help but feel a rise in my ego :)

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Anonymous said...

Amanda has used Droopy's online persona to model her behavior, for the sole purpose of gaining services for herself. She's a fake, it's obvious, open your eyes.
There are REAL autistics out there that need the resources she has lied to gain. Amanda's the worst of the worst. Se takes things that others really need, but can't get, because Amanda takes resources she doesn't deserve.
Listen to Droopy, she can show you the dates & content of her blogs, then look at Amanda's. Amanda's copying Droopy, and does a piss poor job of it.
It's as plain as the nose on your face boy. Grow up!

I think leaving AS is the right thing for you to do.
You need to get away from all that drama & get a life.
The only way to learn how to function in society is to go out & do it, start with a small goal, you'll learn more with every adventure.

As far as the suicide thing goes, beau, please get help. The world needs you, God has a purpose for you, just because you haven't figured out what that purpose is, well, that's all the more reason to stay, figure it out, it's your life, man, get off the computer & go live it.
All these forums are good to an extent, but you can't let them take over your life.
Where I live, the sky was so blue today, and tonight, the stars were clear & bright, I saw a shooting star when I took my dog out.
Life is so amazing, life's a journey, get out, beau, fresh air & sunshine.
Life is what you make it.
Make your's something to blog about!