Monday, January 14, 2008

College semester is starting.

This semester I am getting into web design. I know some html already, and I hope this will help me to learn even more.

Better yet, I am doing it online. Even better than that, the class format is "go at your own pace", which is better for someone like me, as I need to take my time to do certain things.

One of these days, you all will be asking ME to design your websites :)


Anonymous said...

This is really good news!
Now, you get your butt off those AS boards & get to work!!!

One of these days I'll be sayin'...I knew him when he was just a kid, now look at him!

Make us proud beau, I know you can do it!!!

Casdok said...

That sounds interesting and fun.
I will bear you in mind for the future!!

AspieMama said...

Good luck with your semester! I loved online classes when I was in college. I'm sure you'll be great at web design.

AspieMama -