Friday, December 28, 2007

Why do people do this???

I know I said I would return in January, however, this is important.

Six people, three generations of a single family, were murdered in cold blood on Christmas day. Two of them young kids, ages 3 and 6.

There is no motive.

The suspects were planning to get married soon. One of them is related to the victims.

What's more is that the one who killed the kids apologized before doing it. That makes the whole situation even worse and makes me sadder.

But the victims are now in a better place, away from this Hell hole we call Earth.

I've mentioned before that I do karaoke. I recorded one a few days ago for my upcoming autism CD, but this version is in tribute to the victims.

To listen, just click the play button. It sounds very rough, but I'm no pro.


Anonymous said...

If that picture is you, my 21 year old daughter said to tell you, and I quote:

"DUDE! You're a Hottie!!"

My daughter's 5 ft.9 blond & blue.
She's done a fair amount of modeling work in her time.

She thinks you should have some shots done & send them out to some agencies.
The money's good & you don't have to communicate with anyone but the camera, and (in her opinion) you do that just fine.

Anonymous said...

wow, how is it that im 21 years old and my mother still has the power to embarrass the heck out of me. ne ways your hott so there i said it. well ne way i read some of your blog and i know how hard it is to be dissabled, i have a writtin lang. disorder ,a.d.d and im dislexic. its a total pain in the ass!! i've also watched my brother grow up with autisim, so i know exactly what your going through. so just stick in there ;)