Monday, December 10, 2007

It seems I'm severely misunderstood.

Especially when I say "I don't want a cure for autism".

There are actually things about me that I would love to change in a heartbeat.

If there were a cure for shyness, I'd gladly accept it. Everything I've tried has been a complete failure.

I have a problem with honesty. Many people think of honesty as a good thing. Most of the time, it is. However, my honesty has caused more trouble for me than I would like to admit.

On the other hand...

My intelligence level is above average, and has been since I was first tested at age 5.

I have a deep appreciation for music, and have even been told that I have a great singing voice.

I also win at trivia, especially if it involves music, sports or the Revolutionary War.

Knowing the positive aspects of autism that I have just mentioned, why on God's green Earth would I want to give it up?

I'd love to know what it's like to have friends, but at the same time, I'd rather keep my intelligence and musical abilities. Autism gave me all of these things, and I'm glad for that.

Why is this such a problem? My parents know that there's a very good reason I am what I am. I was made this way.

I respect opposing viewpoints as much as I disagree with them. I just wish they would respect mine.


TH Huxley said...

Your latest entry got me to pondering some things. I've comemnted on it at the AS message board. I hope you don't mind.

littlebobleep said...

I think I understand what you're saying, Beau.

dog said...

I like your outlook. But isn't life worthless if you have no one to share it with? No one to laugh with, no one to share secrets and ambitions with? I dunno, maybe I think this way because I'm so high up on the spectrum that I might as well be an NT.

But hey, I still admire your pride. By the way, where in Phoenix are you located? I'm in Sun City.

Beau McClelland said...


That is why I want to find a woman one of these days. I'm not mentally ready for that yet, so it will take some time.

I'm in north Phoenix, near the I-17/101 intersection.

dog said...

Cool. I head down that way whenever I feel the urge to go to Bookman's. Ever been there? It's an awesome place to get cheap music.

Why aren't you ready for a woman yet? Do you want to graduate college first? If so, you're smart - take it from me, having a partner while in school can deplete your income pretty fast, heh. Look on the bright side, though - you're 21 now, so you can go hunting in bars whenever you want.