Wednesday, December 12, 2007

In defense of the neurotypicals...

Oh boy, I don't know where to start.

I arrived at the Autism Speaks forums sometime in mid-November, after reading a thread on, saying that the members there were ignorant of those with Asperger syndrome and high-functioning Kanner's autism (I personally fit into the latter group). I signed up with the intent to question those "ignorant NT's", as it was put.

However, after getting to interact with the NT members, I saw none of this. There are a few who are anti-vaccine, even though Thimerasol hasn't been in most of them since the beginning of the millenium. There are some who approve of dangerous chelation therapy. However, they are the minority of the forum members. Even then, I am respectful in my disagreements with them.

Turns out, many of the neurotypicals are not ignorant. In fact, they are rather nice and helpful.

To the members of Wrong Planet who sign up to the AS forums just to cause trouble, you make us look like those Aspies For Freedom extremists.
I only have two words for you.

To everyone else, thank you.


littlebobleep said...

Hi Beau,

I'm glad that you came to AutismSpeaks. Thanks for writing about this issue of communication between the groups. I believe it can happen and i believe that we have a lot to learn from each other. Be well!

Beau McClelland said...


Thanks for replying. You're among those who I consider nice and helpful :)

c.darwin said...

Hey beau,

LBP is one ofmy favorite members of the AS message boards. You shoud stay in contact with me more. I have a lot to talk to you about. Don't judge the WP people just yet. They are our friends. Please PM me when you can and I will explain more.
your friend

Rick Neubrander said...

Hi Beau,

I have been reading your posting at the AS forum for some time. I have gained a lot of insights from you especially on your stimming posts. You give good advice and I appreciate it. ALso, I am trying to understand autism from the perspective of an autistic adult.

Now as to my question. It is born of curiosity and not to be contentious. Since there is no cure for autism, how do you know that you would be changed if there was a cure? I cannot see it removing your basic likes/dislikes or changing your personality. I can see it removing some of the things that can hinder in the day to day living. So can you explain why you feel so strongly that it would change you.

Thanks for yourt reply.

Beau McClelland said...


I feel so strongly about it because I was made this way. I'm a Christian. I refuse to go against God for any reason.

Evie said...

Hi, Beau!

Finally found my way over to your blog. :)

Other than that...what BoPeep sez. LOL

Profyendor said...

Being a NT I definitely have my own experiences and beliefs regarding the Autism Spectrum Disorders from causes to so called cures. The great thing is that we have an opportunity to learn from each other. The great philosopher,Nietzsche said there are no facts only interpretations. Let's continue to have an open dialogue.

R.E Pennamon, M.Ed,Co-author, College Students with Asperger Syndrome:Practical Strategies for Academic & Social Success (LRP Publications, 2007)