Saturday, December 15, 2007

In defense of the neurotypicals, part 2

Evidentally, some people aren't getting why I'm defending the Autism Speaks forum members.

It's simple, really.

They're willing to learn from me, and I'm willing to learn from them. Why is this a problem?

I might as well say it right now. Just because say I don't want a cure for my own autism, has never meant I was never open to one. If anyone on the spectrum wants a cure, by all means, go ahead and fund research for one.

This is how I've always felt. I'm not anti-cure. I'm not anti-biomed, either. I'm just anti-misinformation.

I also have a tip that could provide usefulness:

If you suspect your child has been poisoned by mercury, see a toxicologist and go from there. That way, if chelation is actually needed (you know, for actual mercury poisoning, not autism) then insurance would cover it. Going through DAN doesn't allow for this.


Anonymous said...

What if the NT "curbies are right, what if autism is actually misdiagnosed?
What if autism is really heavy metal poisoning?

Look at all thsoe recalled toys with lead paint, now read this recount of this child.
Sound familiar? Maybe what we have here is an epidemic of lead poisoning.

geosaru said...


If it's an epidemic of lead poisoning, then how come there haven't been huge previous autism/mercury/lead poisoning epidemics? With all the asbestos and mercury and lead paint and everything that was prevalent in the environment before imported toys gave the recent lead concerns. Not all toxic substances come with vaccines and other "modern" things.