Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dear Deirdre Imus:

The idiot wife of the senile Don Imus wrote a column on Huffington Post, showing how common idiocy runs in the Imus family:

While some of her points are well made, the fact of the matter is that vaccines save lives. Period. I was vaccinated with everything except with the varicella vax. The MMR (which has never contained thimerosal at any time) saved my own life. The levels of thimerosal that was injected into me were therapteutic. I had no reactions to it. My non-autistic brother was also vaccinated. If mercury causes autism like these idiots believe it does, then why is he NOT affected? Also, please try to explain how the autism rates have skyrocketed in the USA and The Netherlands, despite banning thimerosal in required vaccinations. The ONLY explanation for this fake "epidemic" is increased awareness. Nothing more. In reality, there aren't more autistics being born, they simply have it in their genes.


Foresam said...

There is no such thing as genetic autism, it's all caused by mercury.

Beau McClelland said...

Thanks for ignoring the post, John.

My grandfather had autistic traits.

His great-grandfather (a Civil War general AND presidential candidate) also showed autistic traits.

Both my mom and dad show them too, but not enough for a diagnosis. My aunt, I definitely suspect has AS.

My case is purely genetic and nothing more. Deal with it.

Casdok said...

I can see autistic traits all over my family!

Beau McClelland said...


don't know if you'll see this or not, but yes.

That is the case with most autistics. I won't deny that something environmental may help some cases along, but mercury ain't one of them.