Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Autism and amalgam fillings

Oh yes, another post in an autism blog regarding the "mercury causing autism" mass-hysteria that's been going about for decades.

To put it very simple, amalgam is safe. In most cases, they are recommended over extraction surgery due not only cost, but ease over what would have otherwise been an unpleasant experience.

Evidentally some states are trying to ban amalgam (among other paranoid recommendations), though I fail to see why. Mercury is very toxic in its raw form, I won't deny that. However combined with silver, it is neutralized to a point where it is considered safe. Clinical studies have proven this many times. I won't deny that something out of the ordinary can occur, but amalgam still remains the cheapest, easiest and most importantly, safest option there is in regards to dental procedures.


Anonymous said...

Really? Then why is it banned in many european nations? In others they are no longer allowed to place amalgam in children & pregnant mothers?
Why does the World Heath Organization say it's the single largest source of mercury accumulation in humans. Why are more & more dentists going to composit resins?

What research have you done to back up your claims?
How would you feel if even one child was harmed by the mercury that leaches from these fillings....and her mom had them placed after reading your blog?

Just because you don't feel that you were "mercury posioned" doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

Having an opinion is one thing, giving medical advice without a license is a whole nuther ball of wax.

Beau McClelland said...

I don't think I was giving out medical advice here.

I'm basing this on clincal evidence, plus experience with people who have had amalgam fillings.

Anonymous said...

The FDA retracted it's own white paper last year, stating that amalgam was grandfathered in & has never been tested or proven safe.
There will be more hearings this coming year.
Dentists are sueing the ADA left & right, their assistants that mix amalgam have 3x more miscarrages than any other group of professional women.
Matt, I think you're an exceptional young man, with the ability to think & reason for yourself.
If you will dig a bit deeper, you'll begin to see that mercury is far more dangerous then you've been lead to believe.

Anonymous said...

ADA shows signs they know a ban on mercury amalgams is imminent
(Posted by Patrick Sullivan Jr.)

In my inbox from Charlie Brown of Consumers for Dental Choice:

Dr. Randall Lutter, Deputy Commissioner
Food and Drug Administration
5600 Fishers Lane
Rockville, Maryland 20847 (via e-mail and regular mail)

Re: ADA conceding limits or ban coming … please issue ANPR expeditiously.

Dear Deputy Commissioner Lutter,

A consensus is growing among the former heavyweight advocate for mercury fillings, the American Dental Association, that FDA will put limits on amalgam use for pregnant women, children, and hypersensitive adults – or perhaps even ban them entirely. Earlier, I wrote you that the A.D.A. so warned its members on July 1. Since then, two more signs have emerged.

1) In the July edition of Dental Practice Report, the long-time general counsel of the A.D.A., Peter Sfikas (who stepped down eight months ago) advised dentists that FDA would likely contraindicate amalgam to classes of patients, and dentists must begin immediately protect their legal position by (1) asking patients if have mercury hypersensitivity, and (2) giving precise warnings about mercury exposure to pregnant women and parents of young children.

2) Last week, the A.D.A. released a report by its handpicked consultant regarding the economic impact of a ban – the step virtually any industry takes when faced with a ban on a favored product or product component. When an industry pays for a study saying a product ban will hurt the public, we all know what they really mean: it will adversely affect the pocketbook of the industry. Mercury fillings are still in vogue because they are so quick and easy to place by assembly-line and old-fashioned dentists, not because of any patient demand.

The writing's on the wall, amalgam is a dead horse.

Bank of America is advising manufacturers of amalgam to re-tool & produce composite resin, or die a financial death.

You are obviously an intellegent young man. Don't let Diva lead you around by the nose.
And if you ever doubt yourself, just look into the mirror, that man looking back at you is filled with promise.
Don't ever forget that.

Club 166 said...

Dentists have used amalgam fillings for over 150 years. There used to be much more tooth decay, and thus many more amalgam fillings, than there are today.

I blogged about this recently here.